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B. of Architecture Objectives
The objective of the Bachelor of Architecture program at MEF University is to produce creative, ethically and socially responsible as well as globally competitive graduates, who can make a positive change in the built and the natural environment by applying their technical knowledge, critical thinking, and innovation and leadership skills.
A Short Description of Architecture
Architecture is a powerful tool we use to transform our environment in order to make it a better place. More than ever as architects, but also as citizens of this world, we are aiming to design artifacts, buildings and cities that not only reflect our dreams, creativity, ambitions as individuals and as societies but are also respectful towards our world and its inhabitants. Our program emphasizes the responsibility of architects for their impact on the environment. Our graduates will contribute to a new understanding of design based on an ethically responsible approach towards the environment and thus, will become involved actively in the creation of a better world. We envision a future where our graduates lead the way to developing more environmentally resilient ways of designing not only in Turkey but also all around the world. 
Architectural program at MEF will enable students to work in a rigorous but non-competitive, collaborative environment. The students will have the chance to work on real-life design problems through collaborations with NGO’s and local organizations since our program aims to bring the approach of ‘design as a service to the community’ into our curriculum. 
The architectural education at MEF Architecture is based on the design studio as its main center of integrating design issues: cultural, social, environmental, technological, theoretical, economic and political. We believe this studio culture is essential to architectural education and is not limited to the relationship of the students with instructors. Studio environment will be supportive and it will include facilitated peer teaching and teamwork. We will make sure that our students are involved in the further enrichment of our curriculum and also the development of extracurricular programs, so they can be ready for the leadership roles they will be assuming in the future. 
We believe it is of utmost importance that the majority of our faculty have degrees and academic experience from abroad in order to establish the richness of perspectives within our program. We will also bring academicians from well-known universities of the world as well as professional architects into our faculty as well as invite them as speakers, jurors as well as studio instructors into studios to enrich the experience of the students.
Istanbul is an amazing laboratory and we are very lucky to be working within it. Istanbul with all its layers, history, energy as well as its problems will be the main source we will be depending upon in our program.


Graduates of MEF Architecture program have a wide variety of fields they can work on. After completing their architectural education, our graduates can work in areas related with architectural design and construction as well as other design disciplines. Architectural graduates specialize in design, creative decision-making, taking initiative and problem solving. These abilities can be applied successfully in a number of fields. 
Architecture: Graduates of the program can work in architectural offices and establish their own architectural design firms. They can also work in the architectural departments of local governments and large construction companies. Our graduates will receive an education that will enable them to work by taking responsibility and initiative in architectural firms of various sizes and qualities. 
Construction: Our graduates will be able to work in construction firms’ design, planning, finance, and production departments. They can also work in firms involved in the production of construction materials, services and technology such as pre-fabricated construction systems, ceramic tiles, facade materials.
Other Design Fields: Our graduates can also work in a number of related design fields by developing skills related with their personal interest (such as advanced computer modeling). They can work in firms specialized in interior design, landscape design, computer games, furniture design and urban design or they can establish their own firms working on these areas of design.
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